Arthur Correnson

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About Me

I am a graduate student at Saarland University and at ENS Rennes. My current research focuses on the formal proof of automated verification tools using the Coq proof assistant. More generally, I am interested in all aspects of programming languages, formal verification, and making formal methods more accessible to a wider audience.

Other Research Interests

  • Formally verified compilation/static analysis
  • Certified constraint solvers
  • Formalization of floating-point arithmetic
  • Quantum computing


Reactive Systems Group
CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security
Saarland University Campus
eMail: arthur.correnson at
Building: E 9.1, Room: 1.10
Phone: +49 681 87083 2795



Winter 2022/2023 Teaching Assistant for Automata, Games, and Verification at the Reactive Systems Group.

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