Assume-Guarantee Synthesis for Concurrent Reactive Programs with Partial Information

Roderick Bloem, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Swen Jacobs, Robert K├Ânighofer

Synthesis of program parts is particularly useful for concurrent systems. However, most approaches do not support common design tasks, like modifying a single process without having to re-synthesize or verify the whole system. Assume-guarantee synthesis (AGS) provides robustness against modifications of system parts, but thus far has been limited to the perfect information setting. This means that local variables cannot be hidden from other processes, which renders synthesis results cumbersome or even impossible to realize. We resolve this shortcoming by defining AGS under partial information. We analyze the complexity and decidability in different settings, showing that the problem has a high worst-case complexity and is undecidable in many interesting cases. Based on these observations, we present a pragmatic algorithm based on bounded synthesis, and demonstrate its practical applicability on several examples.

TACAS 2015.

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