Generalised Rabin(1) synthesis

RĂ¼diger Ehlers

We present a novel method for the synthesis of finite state systems that is a generalisation of the generalised reactivity(1) synthesis approach by Piterman, Pnueli and Sa’ar. In particular, we describe an efficient method to synthesize systems from linear-time temporal logic specifications for which all assumptions and guarantees have a Rabin index of one. We show how to build a parity game with at most five colours that captures all solutions to the synthesis problem from such a specification. This parity game has a structure that is amenable to symbolic implementations. We furthermore show that the results obtained are in some sense tight, i.e., that there does not exist a similar synthesis method for assumptions and specifications of higher Rabin index, unless P=NP.

arXiv/CoRR: 1003.1684.

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