Monitoring with Parameters

Peter Faymonville

Runtime monitoring of embedded systems is a method to safeguard their reliable operation by detecting runtime failures within the system and recognizing unexpected environment behavior during system development and operation. Specification languages for runtime monitoring aim to provide the succinct, understandable, and formal specification of system and component properties.

Starting from temporal logics, this thesis extends the expressivity of specification languages for runtime monitoring in three key aspects while maintaining the predictability of resource usage. First, we provide monitoring algorithms for linear-time temporal logic with parameters (PLTL), where the parameters bound the number of steps until an eventuality is satisfied. Second, we introduce Lola 2.0, which adds data parameterization to the stream specification language Lola. Third, we integrate real-time specifications in RTLola and add real-time sliding windows, which aggregate data over real-time intervals. For the combination of these extensions, we present a design-time specification analysis which provides resource guarantees.

We report on a case study on the application of the language in an autonomous UAS. Component and system properties were specified together with domain experts in the developed stream specification language and evaluated in a real-time hardware-in-the-loop testbed with a complex environment simulation.

PhD Thesis.