Relational Abstract Interpretation for the Verification of 2-Hypersafety Properties

Máté Kovács, Helmut Seidl and Bernd Finkbeiner

Information flow properties of programs can be formalized as hyperproperties specifying the relation of multiple executions. In this paper, we therefore introduce a framework for proving 2-hypersafety properties by means of abstract interpretation. The main idea is to apply abstract interpretation on the self-compositions of the control flow graphs of programs. As a result, our method is inherently capable of analyzing relational properties of even dissimilar programs. Constructing self-compositions of control flow graphs is nontrivial. Therefore, we present an algorithm for constructing quality self-compositions driven by a tree distance measure between the abstract syntax trees of subprograms. Finally, we demonstrate the applicability of the approach by proving intricate information flow properties of programs written in a simple language for tree manipulation motivated by the Web Services Business Process Execution Language.

20th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2013).

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