Component-based Abstraction Refinement for Timed Controller Synthesis

Hans-Jörg Peter and Robert Mattmüller

We present a novel technique for synthesizing controllers for distributed real-time environments with safety requirements. Our approach is an abstraction refinement extension to the on-the-fly algorithm by Cassez et al. from 2005. Based on partial compositions of some environment components, each refinement cycle constructs a sound abstraction that can be used to obtain under- and over-approximations of all valid controller implementations. This enables (1) early termination if an implementation does not exist in the over-approximation, or, if one does exist in the under-approximation, and (2) pruning of irrelevant moves in subsequent refinement cycles. In our refinement loop, the precision of the abstractions incrementally increases and converges to all specification-critical components. We implemented our approach in a prototype synthesis tool and evaluated it on an industrial benchmark. In comparison with the timed game solver UPPAAL-Tiga, our technique outperforms the nonincremental approach by an order of magnitude.

The 30th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS 2009).

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