Embedded Systems

Bernd Finkbeiner, Room 506, Building E 1 3, office hours Wednesdays 14-16

Calogero G. Zarba, Room 507, Building E 1 3

Moritz Hahn, emh at studcs.uni-sb.de, Room 531, Building E 1 3, office hours Mondays 11-13

Time and place

Tue, Thu 9:15-10:45, Building E1 3, Room 003

Tutorial A: Wednesdays 11-13 Room 016 E 1 3
Tutorial B: Fridays 14-16 Room 015 E 1 3



Embedded systems are computer systems that are encapsulated into larger products, and that are normally not directly visible to the user. Embedded systems are responsible of the information processing in transportation systems (e.g., airplanes, trains, cars), telecommunication equipment (e.g., mobile phones), and consumer electronics products (e.g., TVs, DVD-players).

In this course we will study the theoretical foundations and practical tools that are needed to build reliable and efficient embedded systems.


Main textbook

Peter Marwedel.
Embedded System Design.
Springer, Berlin;
2nd Print (1. November 2005)
ISBN-10: 0387292373