Seminar: Real-time Systems & Synthesis

Instructors: Bernd Finkbeiner, Peter Faymonville and Michael Gerke

Seminar (7 CP)

Wintersemester 2012/2013


Real-time systems are an interesting class of infinite state systems. We will study timed automata, a popular formalism for the succinct representation of timed systems, featuring a decidable reachability problem. Efficient algorithms and clever data structures support the analysis of systems of larger size. Synthesizing timed controllers for plant models guarantees their correctness. We will investigate classic synthesis problems for (non-terminating) reactive systems, which have the goal to synthesize finite-state automata from temporal logic specifications. In contrast, we will also study program synthesis, which deals with terminating systems.


Background Reading


Registration for the seminar will start after the general welcome meeting of the department (“Einf├╝hrungsveranstaltung”) on October 15th. We will have around 10-12 spots in the seminar.

Please send an e-mail to apply explaining your motivation (approx. 5 lines plus your fields of study) to until (and including) Wednesday, October 17th. You will be notified about your acceptance on Friday, October 19th.

The seminar kick-off meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 24th, 2pm in room 528.