The Linear-Hyper-Branching Spectrum of Temporal Logics

Bernd Finkbeiner, Markus N. Rabe

The family of temporal logics has recently been extended with logics for the specification of hyperproperties, such as noninterference or observational determinism. Hyperproperties relate multiple computation paths of a system by requiring that they satisfy a certain relationship, such as an identical valuation of the low-security outputs. Unlike classic temporal logics like LTL or CTL*, which refer to one computation path at a time, temporal logics for hyperproperties like HyperLTL and HyperCTL* can express such relationships by explicitly quantifying over multiple computation paths simultaneously. In this paper, we study the extended spectrum of temporal logics by relating the new logics to the linear-branching spectrum of process equivalences.

Information Technology – Methods and Applications of Informatics and Information Technology (it).

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