Team Semantics for the Specification and Verification of Hyperproperties

Andreas Krebs, Arne Meier, Jonni Virtema, Martin Zimmermann

We develop team semantics for Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) to express hyperproperties, which have recently been identified as a key concept in the verification of information flow properties. Conceptually, we consider an asynchronous and a synchronous variant of team semantics. We study basic properties of this new logic and classify the computational complexity of its satisfiability, path, and model checking problem. Eventually, we compare its expressivity to the one of HyperLTL, another recently introduced logic for hyperproperties. Our results show that LTL under team semantics is a viable alternative to HyperLTL, which complements the expressivity of HyperLTL and has better algorithmic properties.


Version 2 (improved Lemma 9, corrected Lemma 10, Theorems 11-13)..