Course Topics

Advanced Topics in Infinite Games

Seminar (7 CP)
Summer Term 2014

Bernd Finkbeiner
Martin Zimmermann
Felix Klein
Peter Faymonville
Michael Gerke
Andrey Kupriyanov
Markus N. Rabe
Hazem Torfah
Leander Tentrup



Many of todays problems in computer science are no longer concerned with programs that transform data and then terminate, but with non-terminating systems which have to interact with a possibly antagonistic environment. The emergence of so-called “reactive systems” requires new approaches to verification and synthesis. Over the course of the last fifty years it turned out to be very fruitful to model and analyze reactive systems in a game-theoretic framework, which captures the antagonistic and strategic nature of the interaction between the system and its environment. In this seminar, we will explore advanced concepts in the theory of infinite games, among them concurrent and probabilistic games, games of imperfect information, and specifications going beyond omega-regular ones.


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